Welcome to Another Way Health

Welcome, my name is Rachel, and I am the founder of Another Way Health. It has been born from the healing journey of myself and my children. I have learnt so much along the way and I continue to do so. I hope that you enjoy looking at what I can offer you.

Natural Solutions for Women and Families

I am passionate about natural solutions to our emotional and physical health, and this is shown in the therapies and therapeutic grade essential oils I use in my work. I love nothing more than to help women and families overcome emotional or physical health difficulties they may be facing.

Emotions and your Physical State

At times we all experience upsetting thoughts, feelings and negative behaviours which can feel overwhelming which can then in show up in our physical bodies and linger. I believe that there is a connection between the emotional and physical state. It often amazes me when speaking to clients the common themes they encounter and the physical ailments they have.

Talking, learning new strategies to put In your health toolbox and changing your perspective about a problem can enable you to move forward with your life and goals. I find a combination of essential oilsEFT and therapies can really help people make that shift into feeling able to deal with what life throws at them.

Working collaboratively with you, I can help this be a reality.

I look forward to working with you on your healthy journey.

Rachel Stacey-McKay